Top benefits of using a cloud-based HR software to increase your business

03 December 2019

Digitalization transformed the business landscape of the last years radically, and the HR department is no exception from increasing online exposure. We see more often how electronic folders replace the files and the stacks of paper. Human resources software is turning company data into digital output and automates workflows.

A cloud-based HR software, natively oriented towards integration with other applications, facilitates the professional transfer of the human resources department towards the digital business environment.

HR experts now benefit from the necessary tools to simplify administrative tasks. They can use integrated software platforms such as Sincron HR Software, which adds solutions oriented towards talent management. Such an integrated platform offers solutions for sourcing, recruitment, onboarding, performance management, training activity management, career plans, or internal communication.

Why use cloud technology?

Cloud technology is used more often by companies in Romania, helping them get aligned with the international trends from this perspective. This trend allows replacing applications or software previously downloaded and stored on the computer or the company server with Internet applications. The approach grants access that can be changed instantly by authorized persons.

Using cloud technology will increase the efficiency of the human resources department, while the human error risk goes down. You keep your data safely, and they are more accessible to recover when needed since you don’t store them on a physical server or computer. At the same time, you make sure that you observe the regulations in force, along with integrating legislative amendments in due time, which is particularly important.

Moreover, cloud-based human resources software enables you to centralize the information and KPIs related to employee performance, and do it quickly. Having access to this type of data is the first step toward an analysis of making future strategic decisions.

Using cloud technology provides you with the opportunity to use some of the most advanced software solutions or platforms as business tools, even when your company is still developing and has few employees. The business may evolve, provided it maintains high flexibility as regards the number of employees. You don’t need to make technology investments directly proportional to or dependent on the number of employees. Scaling resources upwards or downwards is very flexible.

8 advantages of a cloud HR software for the development of your business

Using cloud HR software brings numerous benefits to the modern human resources department. It simplifies every process and ensures the crossover towards a proactive human resources department, opening new horizons.

As the “Z” generation, the first considered to be natively digital, occupies a more prominent place on the workforce market, this change becomes not only necessary but mandatory. Companies that seek to evolve in the competitive market must take into account the expectations of these candidates, including that the future employer is modern enough to have already achieved a certain standard of digital professionalism.

Data security and quick recovery thereof

Data security is one of the main concerns of any business, and as technology advances, this component becomes critical.
Especially small and medium-sized businesses find many advantages in implementing cloud technology – it is safer, more flexible, and less expensive than the one where organizations rely on their infrastructure and manual back-ups.

Less paper, increased efficiency

Soon, large metal cabinets hosting stacks of folders to be perused by the HR experts to find the desired information shall become a mere memory.

With cloud-based HR software, you store the information digitally, and the HR expert only needs a few seconds to access and print it out if need be. Each file is organized, safely kept, and accessible immediately with the support of the integrated storage systems.

We are talking about saving precious time, increased efficiency and more flexibility for each member of the HR team, which can gradually increase contribution in those areas of human resources processes that can never become fully automated.

Possibility to assess employee performance in real-time

One of the critical functions of the Human Resources department is to evaluate employee performance. Once advanced cloud-based HR software is integrated, we say goodbye to endless documents that require us entire days of collecting the necessary data. The HR team will need a lot of time to analyze and correlate the data, drawing conclusions, and formulating recommendations based on them.

Let’s not forget however that the indicators related to performance management are a hot topic for any top management team; furthermore, the speed in obtaining and accessing such information is a significant factor for the human resources department as a coordinator of the process.

With the support of an HR software, employee performance is monitored in real-time. Data analysis is done quickly, using dashboards and customized reports, and if the software is integrated with an HR Analytics system, things become even more accessible. The HR experts can analyze data from the software platform to be able to improve the quality of the decisions made and to support them with accurate data, building at the same time their own data analysis and interpretation system.

The HR team may propose measures to correct a specific situation or an additional training program very quickly, having available all the data that can be accessed at any time and from any device – because we are talking about a cloud-based HR solution.

24/7 access to employee data

HR experts will continuously have access via the cloud-based HR software, to employee data – from the employee file to timekeeping and payroll, but also the performance assessment tools or training activity management tools.

At the same time, employees can access their file, according to the rights assigned to them, and they can view in real-time their holiday requests and the status of the approvals, the employment agreement, the number of days off remaining during a particular year or data on wages and benefits.

We should not neglect the positive experience that the company employees will have by increasing the transparency, which may contribute to strengthening the employer brand.

Employees can work remotely keeping permanent contact with the team

Generations change, and the flexibility of the place of work is one of the most highly regarded advantages for those who have just joined the workforce but not only for them.

The law adapted to this trend, telework was regulated, and companies offer more often the possibility to work from home or co-working spaces on certain days.

Cloud technology allows those who are working remotely to be connected permanently to their co-workers, with secure access to the data and information necessary in their work. Experts estimate that by 2020, a significant part of the workforce will operate remotely, whereas the business infrastructure will radically change from this point of view.

Already implementing telework solutions, your business can benefit from significant competitive advantages shortly.

Data analysis possibility, especially with the HR Analytics component

A professional HR Analytics tool will provide you with valuable business insights that may represent significant advantages against the competitors.

For instance, the company’s recruitment system can be improved by identifying the most suitable candidate profile for a particular position; a more efficient process, saving time during recruitment; growing, in time, the retention rate of the staff, as a result of increased affinity of the candidates for the open positions.

Accessing critical HR data will allow following the evolution of various indicators in time actively, and the department will be able to understand the causes of the changes that have occurred, supplying proposals for improvement based on actual data. The decision-making process is thus shortened, and there is more trust in the accuracy of the measures proposed.

The HR department will thus have the occasion to analyze, monitor, and report data in a modern and up-to-date manner, actively using them and turning them into a definite competitive advantage.

Document traceability and control

The higher the number of employees collaborating to make up a document, the more important it is that they should find a common denominator. Before cloud-based applications existed, employees would send various materials on which they were working as e-mail attachments, being processed by a user, and afterward, another colleague would make changes and so on.

Various issues could come up in this manner, starting from small inadvertencies to ignoring a set of changes proposed, which could lead to an entirely different format of the document reaching part of the users.

When you work in the cloud, all documents are stored in the same place, and every employee views a single version thereof. It is easy to identify who made specific changes, the responsibilities are clear, and the long-term results are visible.

Automated software updates

A significant benefit of a cloud-based HR solution is the fact that it updates automatically and regularly. These updates envisage both data security and the observance of the regulations in force; an example to this effect relates to the GDPR that the HR departments must comply with, considering that, due to the particulars of their activity, they are processing a large volume of personal data.

The Sincron HR Software human resources platform pays special attention to complying with the GDPR requirements and with the other legal provisions in force constantly.


Using a cloud-based HR solution, natively open towards integrating with other applications, is one of the solutions facilitating the evolution of the HR department towards the digital business environment. HR experts benefit, due to such a platform, from an especially designed solution that will satisfy their current digitization needs.

Sincron HR Software is a cloud-based platform that you can integrate with your other applications easily. You can access your data any time and on any device – including all the benefits of such solutions, irrespective of the scope of business.

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