Organization Management

This solution helps manage HR processes by organizing important information in one place. It includes features like defining organizational charts, roles, positions, job descriptions, and a skills matrix.

All this information is stored in a central location to prevent duplication and ensure consistency across the solution.


The organizational chart

The Sincron solution makes it easy to create and update the organizational chart.

You can build it from an administrative or operational perspective and access it quickly. The chart is unique and can be used in various HR processes, automating flows such as performance management and onboarding plans.

It offers flexibility and improves user experience with options to add pictures and view by employees.


Examine the current staff status of each department

This solution helps manage staffing information and staff situations by tracking the number of employees needed versus the surplus staff in each department.

It also shows the staffing pattern with details on planned, updated, vacant, budgeted, and unbudgeted positions.


Create a library of roles

Use a structured and unique framework to collect all the roles of the organization. The role-based approach combines position and job description-related information.

This solution helps standardize the storage of information about the organization and provides easy access to all information. It gives you greater visibility on the allocation of functions across departments and on the content of each job.


Mapping the skills matrix

The skills matrix helps define the specific skills of each role, by defining the noticeable behaviours.

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HR Manager

Before, accessing essential company information in a structured way was difficult. With the Sincron platform, important HR information is centralized, making it easier to transfer from one HR specialist to another, even with staff turnover.

This stability helps prevent loss of essential company information.




Having access to pre-defined and well-trained HR tools, such as the Performance Assessment Form, makes my job as a manager much easier.

The Sincron platform centralizes all the HR tools and information about my staff, making it easy to access, and allowing me to complete management tasks more quickly.

HR Manager

HR Manager


I can quickly access the organizational chart and other important information about the company through the Employee Portal. It shows transparency and encourages open communication within the organization.