Same components.

Different solutions, specific to each client.

Same components.

Different solutions, specific to each client.


Choosing an HR software that seems to respond to your company’s needs is a key step, but not enough. To enjoy all the benefits presented during the sales process and to make the implementation a success, you still need another component.

The HR services related to the HR software you chose can make the difference between success and failure in using it. Learn more about the HR services complementing our HR platform.

HR Audit and HR Processes Design

Before moving to the actual implementation of the HR software, we need to understand in detail the exact needs of the organization. For example, what are the current workflows and processes or where do you experience jam situations.

Keep in mind that some automations will have an impact on current workflows. As such, some of the flows or current processes will need to be re-thought and updated before implementation starts.

This stage involves an HR audit of the processes at the organization level and the various flows involved: documents, approvals, specific workflows. The goal is to identify the weaknesses and the potential for optimizing these processes.

Here too, the specific aspects of each organization will be considered: internal standards, rules and procedures to be followed, along with existing restrictions.

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Implementation Consulting

You did your homework on mapping the HR processes, but until you see them implemented exactly as you thought, there's another step. Implementing an HR software can be quite complex, so we are with our customers throughout the entire implementation.

On the one hand, we are flexible to adapt our HR platform to the particularities of each business. On the other hand, we bring with us an HR management framework that has been implemented and operated hundreds of times for various types of local and international companies.

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User Training

You have implemented your new HR software and would like the benefits to appear as soon as possible. For this, the "heavy users" need complete and well-structured information about the HRIS, for all processes and for as many as possible cases.

Sincron HR Software is a web-based HR software that responds to the human resources needs of all the employees – either they are HR specialists, managers or employees.

For the HR department members, who are extensively using our HCM software, we provide recurring training programs to a great degree of detail. In this way, support is provided to easily assimilate all the functionalities and novelties regularly brought to the Sincron HR Software solution.

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Customized Development

Do you already know that your industry or the organization for which you’re interested in a HRIS software has certain specifics related to setting up an HR system?

There might be situations in which some workflows are not covered by the general features of an HR software. In such a case, Sincron HR Software offers custom software development or integrations with other applications already used by the client. The details are identified and agreed with that customer.

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