User Training

How does it work?

We offer recurring training programs for the employees of the companies using the Sincron HR Software solution. This enables them to more easily assimilate the broad range of functionalities and to become familiar with the HR application.

We have a proprietary user certification system and a dedicated team for the transfer of skills and know-how for software usage. You get real-time benefits using the technology and you can achieve your goals through a modern tool.

Our team provides free of charge all study materials, training guides, and user manuals for the initial training of any new user. We can also provide regular training on the new functionalities developed within the HR software.


One of our clients explains:
The recurrent training program provided by the Sincron HR Software team is useful both for reviewing less frequently used functionalities and for quickly familiarizing new members of the human resources team with the HR system. Transfer of competences is done internally, but the actual certification of users is done by the Sincron consultants.

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