HR Audit and HR Processes Design

How does it work?

Our approach involves thoroughly understanding the client's needs before moving on to implementation. We listen to the client, identify weak points, and offer solutions. We then provide advice and recommendations based on business analysis and HR audit results to optimize workflows and configure the HR application to meet the client's specific needs, considering their company size and industry peculiarities.

The HR audit process involves discussing with the client's HR manager, HR specialists, and project manager to identify the key elements of their HR processes and complete a HR process mapping. At this stage, our experienced business analyst plays a crucial role in understanding the client's business needs and translating them into technical language.

The deliverable of the HR audit phase and HR process design is the implementation sheet. Once this document is validated and agreed upon by both parties, we move forward with customizing or implementing the HR software.


The HR audit objectively checks current HR practices, policies, and procedures to identify areas for improvement. Sincron HR Software's audit focuses on optimizing HR workflows, identifying bottlenecks, risks, and compliance issues.

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