Internal Communication

Communication within the organization is essential to connect all its parts, both formally and informally. While informal communication will always exist, it is important to provide other channels to facilitate communication and ensure people are engaged with them, especially in this digital age.


Internal communication

The Employee Portal serves both formal and informal communication needs within the organization. It saves time for HR experts by providing a platform to distribute procedures, facilitate onboarding, and share updated company information.

The self-service facilities for employees are also available through the portal. Employees can use it to find out about events, job vacancies, opportunities, and celebrate successes.

It also promotes the exchange of ideas and needs between employees and the organization.


Informal communication – encouraging collaboration between employees

Encourage teamwork and improve communication by utilizing technology to bring employees closer. For example, an accessible organization chart provides transparent information about colleagues and their roles, promoting collaboration within and across departments.

A larger organization with multiple locations can benefit from increased transparency and easier communication between colleagues on similar positions. Knowing a colleague's name and position through the internal communication platform can facilitate communication and collaboration within multi-departmental teams.


Onboarding new employees

The Employee Portal's "who is who" section is a useful onboarding tool that provides standard and relevant information about employees. HR enters the information into the system, ensuring accuracy and consistency.


Prioritizing internal recruitment

You can use the Employee Portal as the official internal recruitment channel of the company and promote new growth opportunities. To encourage employee recommendations, a bonus system can be implemented.

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HR Manager

We've made our working procedures easily accessible to employees in a user-friendly format. HR documents and templates are organized by department, making it easy for employees to find what they need.

We communicate with employees through content pages, sharing events, vacancies, promotions, and other news in real-time.

But perhaps the most valuable aspect is that we facilitate informal communication, helping people work better together.




We use an internal communication app to save time and easily share information with everyone in the organization. Employees can access all necessary resources and documents in one place. The public organization chart is useful for communication and collaboration between departments and locations on larger projects.

HR Manager

HR Manager


We're used to finding quick information and connecting with people we may not know through social media and the internet in our personal lives. Having an internal app that provides similar benefits for an organization is necessary and helpful. With more complex projects and remote teams, an internal communication tool helps us work together more effectively.