Internal Communication

Internal communication is the binder between all elements in the organization, both formally and informally. The news that we find out going out for coffee will continue to exist. Make sure that there are other channels facilitating this communication and that people resonate with them, in this digital age.


Employee communication management

The internal communication application Employee Portal is designed to cover formal and informal communication needs in the organization.

From the point of view of formal needs, the platform saves the time of human resources experts when distributing procedures, the internal communication generated by the onboarding process, exposure of updated information about the company and the instrument that the employee self-service facilities are based on.

In this app, one can announce any event, vacant position, or opportunity in the company. Celebrate moments of success and use the application to harmonize the flow of ideas and needs between the employees and the organization.


Informal communication – encouraging the collaboration between employees

Use technology to get closer to the company employees and to encourage teamwork between them.

For instance, everybody’s access to the company organization chart provides useful information about colleagues and their role in the teams or departments, creating a full and transparent picture of the organization.

A bigger organization, with multiple locations, can see progress in collaboration among employees situated at various locations, on similar positions, eve is solely due to increased transparency as regards the access to the organization chart. It is easier to communicate with somebody whose name and position you already know. Similarly, communication between the members of multi-departmental teams can advance. It is easier to approach your colleague from the technical department, with whom you have never spoken when you recognize him from his Intranet picture.


Support for the Onboarding process

The “who is who” section in the Employee Portal is one of the most efficient onboarding welcome and launch tools. The information in the employee profiles is entered into the human resources system by the HR department, maintaining the information standard set forth, and providing information that is relevant at the company level.


Prioritizing internal recruitment

You can promote via the Employee Portal new growth opportunities in the company, The employee portal repre4sents the official internal recruitment channel of the company. If this aspect is a priority for the organization, you create and implement an entire bonus system for the employees supporting the recruitment process by giving recommendations, via the Employee Portal.

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HR Manager

The easy implementation of the working procedures is a very useful step. We manage to offer our employees in a friendly format, the entire set of working procedures, the HR documents or templates grouped by the specific needs of every department.

We communicate effectively with the employees through the content pages, where we post every event, vacancy, promotion, opportunity or cause for celebration, in real time.

However, maybe the most important aspect is that we offer support in informal communication, helping people to work better with one another.




The organization communicates via the internal communication application of the type “one to many”, saving valuable time. People have centralized access to all resources and documents that they need to carry out their activity in proper conditions. The organization chart is public, and it provides useful information about people and their place in the organization. This aspect simplifies communication between the departments or locations and collaboration of the teams on more extensive projects.

HR Manager

HR Manager


In our private life, we are already used for a long time, via social networks and the Internet, to find quick information and contact people that we don’t know personally.
An internal app offering similar benefits at the level of an organization is necessary and welcome. There’s an increased rate of more complex projects, bringing to the team people who don’t actually know each other or must work together remotely. An internal communication tool helps us work better together.