Time and Attendance

Save time and improve efficiency by using Sincron HR Software’s time and attendance application, which simplifies timekeeping for both the organization and employees.


Applicable for all types of work hours

The HR timekeeping application offers a comprehensive view of the company's working hours, whether fixed or in shifts.

It enables easy planning and monitoring of the organization's working hours, with customizable functions to suit specific needs.


Flexible use

The cloud-based HR time and attendance application allows easy online access without the need for multiple software installations. It enables role creation and management for internal process observation.

Employees can fill in their own hours or an operator can manage team hours. Workflows can be defined for timesheet approval by managers and the HR department, with customizable approaches.


Automation at its best

The application stores timesheets for both employees and freelancers, and allows for easy filtering and viewing.

Customized timesheets can be defined for different users, with automatic generation based on defined work changes or agreements.

The system imports working hours from the card access application and categorizes them by type (regular, overtime, night work, weekend work, etc.). HR personnel can change, approve, or reject individual or multiple timesheets for employees.


Time keeping as an input for salaries

Set up elements for filling in timesheets and link them to payroll references.

Configure customized rules to convert timesheets to payroll timesheets, such as direct overtime entry or exchange for leave hours based on company decisions and labor laws.

Import/export timesheets from/to Excel files and generate customized reports grouping or filtering by company, department, cost centers, roles or individuals.

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HR Manager

Effective timekeeping is critical for HR, impacting salaries and compliance with labor laws. Automation and integration with access card readers eliminate repetitive calculations and reduce errors. The timekeeping application simplifies our work, ensuring accuracy and flexibility.




Time keeping is one of those things that, as a manager, must be done regularly. The flow by which I can check directly and approve the time sheets of my team, even if I’m not physically in the office, saves a lot of time. Even when I’m at work, it’s a routine task that is simplified by automation, and the HR colleagues are happy to get our input in time.

HR Manager

HR Manager


I appreciate the organization using HR software for timekeeping. Manual tracking in Excel can be error-prone and time-consuming due to variable work hours. The self-service feature helps both me and my HR colleagues, and it shows the company values transparency.