Time and Attendance

Timekeeping is useful for the organization and for the employees alike, but why make it complicated and long when it can be short and quick? Use the time and attendance application in the Sincron HR Software human resources platform.


An application for all types of working hours

The human resources application for timekeeping provides a vast perspective on the working hours in the company.

Notwithstanding whether the company working hours are fixed or the employees work in shifts, you can easily plan and follow the working hours of the organization. The timesheet system provides various functions, which can be customized according to the company’s needs.


Flexible use

The HR application for time and attendance is a cloud solution that can be easily accessed online. You don’t need to install various applications and software packs to ensure compatibility and access. You can create and manage various roles in the HR software to make sure that the internal processes are observed. Employees can fill in their own working hours or you can use an operator to manage the working hours for various departments or teams.

Defining workflows is extremely useful. Use them to get the timesheets approved by the managers, before they are sent to the human resources department. You can design a workflow with different approaches.


Automation at its best

It keeps records of the timesheets both for the employees and for the freelancers. When you need them, you filter or view them. It defines customized time sheets for various users. The system automatically generates time sheets according to the work changes you define in the application or the employment agreement.

It imports the working hours from the company’s card access application and it defines distinctly various types of working hours (regular, overtime, night work, weekend work, etc.) according to the particular case applicable in your company.

Those in charge of human resources can change and approve the time sheets, at an individual or collective level, for multiple employees or data. They can change, overwrite, approve or refuse the time sheets.


Time keeping as an input for salaries

Define the various sets of elements used to fill in the time sheets and link them to the elements which are going to be used for reference in the payroll. -

Create and configure customized rules to turn the obtained time sheets into payroll time sheets. For instance, you can choose to enter the overtime directly on the payroll or not, according to the organization’s decision related to offering hours of leave in exchange, and according to labor laws in force.

You can import or export time sheets into and from Excel files, and when you are done centralizing information, print out whatever reports you want, with all the elements comprised on the time sheets. You can group or filter them by company, department, cost centers, roles or persons, as needed.

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HR Manager

Time keeping can be a big hassle and it is an important HR area, because it bears a direct impact on salaries and moreover it is a sensitive issue as far as labor laws are concerned.
Automation and integration with other applications, such as access card readers, save us a lot of wasted time, making the same calculations over and over again, but most importantly, we get rid of possible errors. The time keeping application eases our job regularly, ensuring accuracy and flexibility.




Time keeping is one of those things that, as a manager, must be done regularly. The flow by which I can check directly and approve the time sheets of my team, even if I’m not physically in the office, saves a lot of time. Even when I’m at work, it’s a routine task that is simplified by automation, and the HR colleagues are happy to get our input in time.

HR Manager

HR Manager


To me it’s a step forward that the organization processes information on time keeping by using HR software. The working hours can be quite varied, and when you keep the score manually in an Excel file there are more chances that you’ll make a mistake, which means more time invested. Plus, the self-service facility through which I can keep track myself of the hours of work helps the human resources colleagues, and for me it’s a sign of transparency on the company’s part.