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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page for non-profits! We’re here to provide answers to the most common questions visitors have about our products/services, and to help make your experience with us as seamless as possible.


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Who is Sincron HR? is a leading HR software solution provider committed to providing clients with cutting-edge HR tools to streamline their business operations. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and support to help you achieve your HR goals.

The platform is designed to help organizations manage:

  • Legal and regulatory documentation
  • Leave and remote work administration
  • Communication with employees, volunteers, and contractors
  • Employee HR file management – Paperless HR files
  • Administrative pre-hire and hiring processes
  • Role and job description management
  • Employee leave management (Vacation, Sick, remote work requests)
  • Intranet for organizational and department communications

We work with numerous non-profits offering functionality that can be tailored to your needs and budget.

  • HR Essentials (Core HR) – starts at just $1/user/month
  • Full Version Upgrade (low cost one time fee – check out the TechSoup USA/Canada offers!)
  • Sincron HR Enterprise (non-profit discounts of 25-50% on select modules!)
What does TechSoup do?

TechSoup works with 63 top civil society organizations worldwide to improve lives using technology. Partners like run technology programs customized to their communities and share knowledge to better serve people globally. TechSoup’s collective efforts have reached 1.2 million organizations and delivered $15 billion in services. They are committed to making a significant impact and providing next-gen programs to help non-profits thrive in a digital world.

For more about TechSoup please visit

Does my organization qualify for the TechSoup USA offer?

Please ask members of your organization if they are TechSoup USA members. If so please redirect them HERE

Organizations in the United States must be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).

For more please visit –

Does my organization qualify for the TechSoup Canada offer?

Please ask members of your organization if they are TechSoup Canada members. If so please redirect them HERE

To qualify for this offer your organization must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Canadian charities registered with the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Canadian public libraries registered with Libraries and Archives Canada
  • Nonprofit corporations incorporated under specific Acts
    • Alberta: Societies Act
    • British Columbia: Society Act
    • Manitoba: incorporated without share capital under the Corporations Act
    • New Brunswick: incorporated without share capital under the New Brunswick Companies Act (Chapter 13)
    • Newfoundland and Labrador: incorporated without share capital pursuant to Part XXI of The Corporations Act
    • Northwest Territories: Societies Act
    • Nova Scotia: Societies Act
    • Nunavut: Societies Act
    • Ontario: incorporated without share capital under the Corporations Act
    • Prince Edward Island: incorporated without share capital pursuant to Part II (Section 89) of the Prince Edward Island Companies Act
    • Quebec: Part 3 of The Companies Act (Partie III de la loi sur les compagnies)
    • Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan Non-profit Corporations Act (1995)
    • Yukon: Societies Act
    • Federally incorporated nonprofits: Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act
    • Federally incorporated tax-exempt nonprofits: tax exemption pursuant to the Income Tax Act Section 149(1)(L) with Organization Type 01, 06, 05, 08 or 09

For more please visit –

How much do support packages cost?

The Sincron Learning Hub is available 24/7 FREE to all employees, managers, and HR staff. The Learning Hub provides users access to user manuals and a series of 3-5 minute videos covering all functionality.

Sincron HR Software offers detailed training programs for organizations upgrading to the Enterprise modules during the configuration and implementation stages to HR department members who use the system extensively. Costs vary dependent on the complexity of the configuration and the amount of training required.

Do you offer consulting services?

Yes! We offer a range of consultative support for non-profits. This includes HR audits of the organization’s processes, including document management, approvals, and specific workflows, to identify weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. The organization’s unique aspects, such as internal standards, rules, procedures, and restrictions, are also considered.

Costs will vary dependent on the complexity, volume, and time required to complete tasks requested by the client.

Where is the data stored? Is the data protected?

All data is stored on servers based in the United States (for US clients) and Canada (for Canadian clients).


Sincron HR Software is designed to comply with all federal and provincial/state laws governing the privacy and security of data, ensuring that confidential information is safeguarded and protected at all times.

Products | Services

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Core HR

Do you have a small organization with a limited budget and are seeking to go paperless?

Get started with our Core HR package which includes:

  • HR portal
  • Personnel management (Core HR) – employees, contractors, and volunteers
  • Document expiry tracking
  • Organization chart
  • Roles administration
  • Leave management (basic)
  • Analytics
  • 5mb file uploads
  • 24/7 Sincron Learning Hub access (user manuals/videos)

TechSoup USA Special Rate: $200/year flat rate

1 HR Power User licence (included)
*Enter up to 100 employee, volunteer, or contractor e-files (included)

*Additional HR Power User licences are $50/yr

OPTIONAL: Additional e-Files:
*Tier 1: 101-500 e-files ($0.40/file/quarter)
*Tier 2: 501+ accounts ($0.35/file/quarter)

Reconciled quarterly/Quarterly invoice


HR Essentials Package

Best for small to midsized organizations needing an employee intranet.

*includes all the functionality of the Core HR package plus

  • Employee Intranet
    • Employee’s view
      • Employee profile
      • EFILE
      • Log changes
      • Upload documents to HR
      • Request a leave
    • Managers View (My Team)
      • Employee list (including new employees/birthdays)
      • Upload employee documents to HR
      • Review and approve leave requests
      • Analytics
  • Document approval workflow
  • Company flowchart
  • Notifications Area
  • Internal messaging
  • Microsoft Office365 Single Sign-on
  • 10mb file uploads

TechSoup USA Special Rate (50% off): $1/user licence/month
**Min $20/month (20 licences included)

1 HR Power User licence (included)

OPTIONAL: e-Files (employee/volunteer/contractor electronic files stored in the HRIS – these employees/volunteers/contractors have no Employee Portal access):

*Tier 1: 0-500 e-files ($0.40/file/quarter)
*Tier 2: 501+ accounts ($0.35/file/quarter)

Reconciled quarterly/Quarterly invoice

Example: Organizations with 30 staff including 2 managers and 5 HRIS e-files for volunteers

$0 HR Power User Licence (included)
for two manager licences
for twenty-eight employee licences
5 x $0.40 = $2 (HRIS e-files for 5 volunteers with no employee portal access)

Total Cost: $32/month

Recruitment and Retention Package (Upgrade)

Best for mid to larger-sized organizations requiring an ATS, LMS, and more functionality.

*includes all the functionality of the Core HR and HR Essentials packages plus

  • Recruitment ATS
  • Onboarding
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Leave management approval flow
  • Pulse surveys
  • Tag candidates

Add ons:

  • Logo or branded career page
  • Indeed API integration
  • Documents library
  • Benefits tracking
  • Customizations (fields, menu headers, drop down lists)
  • SMS messaging
  • Candidate AI CV/Resume parsing packages

Non-Profit Discounts up to 50% Off (Inquire Today!)

HR Professional Package (Upgrade)

Best for larger organizations requiring performance management, basic scheduling, more customization, and additional functionality.

*includes all the functionality of the Core HR, HR Essentials, and Recruitment and Retention packages plus

  • Performance management
  • Skills library (by category/role)
  • OKRs (objectives and key results)
  • Time and attendance (basic)
  • Individual Development Plans (IDPs)
  • Work from home

Add ons:

  • Career/Succession planning
  • KPI configuration
  • 360 configuration

Non-Profit Discounts up to 50% Off (Inquire Today!)

Payroll | Enterprise (Upgrade)

Package Add-ons:

  • Contract management
  • Sincron HR payroll API
  • Regionalization (International organizations)
  • Multi-Company management
  • Customized workflows
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Advanced leave management with time banks

Non-Profit Discounts up to 50% Off (Inquire Today!)

Consulting Services

We offer a variety of consulting services that include:

  • Company HR audits
  • Streamlining business processes
    • Specific workflows if requested
  • Accreditation preparation
  • Change management
  • Internal standards review
  • Policy and Procedure reviews
  • Regulatory risk management

Costs will vary dependent on the complexity, volume, and time required to complete tasks requested by the client.

Document Template Library

We can provide organizations with a library of document templates in select packages saving you and your team time and money.

Inquire today!

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Our Mission

Sincron HR is committed to providing organizations with cutting-edge HR technology solutions that streamline their HR processes and improve employee engagement. Our mission is to enable businesses to focus on what matters most – their people – by delivering a comprehensive and flexible HR software platform that meets their unique needs. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, continuous product innovation, and a user-friendly experience to help our clients achieve their HR goals and drive business success.