It's all about people.

It's all about people.


Sincron HR has been committed to delivering excellent service to clients in every project since 2007, fulfilling all promised deliverables during implementation and providing reliable after-sales support. The company values flexibility, honesty, and realism, recognizing and appreciating the trust bestowed upon them by their customers.


At Sincron HR, our vision is to revolutionize the way organizations manage their workforce. We strive to be the leading provider of innovative HR software that empowers businesses to optimize their human capital and achieve their strategic goals.


Sincron HR is committed to providing organizations with cutting-edge HR technology solutions that streamline their HR processes and improve employee engagement. Our mission is to enable businesses to focus on what matters most – their people – by delivering a comprehensive and flexible HR software platform that meets their unique needs. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, continuous product innovation, and a user-friendly experience to help our clients achieve their HR goals and drive business success.

A Brief but Intense History

In 2007, we launched the Sincron Recruitment solution in Europe, aimed at enhancing outcomes and expediting the recruitment process.

A pivotal shift in our business approach took place in 2010 when we began focusing on developing long-term relationships with our customers, providing them with integrated services instead of merely selling a software product.
Another milestone was achieved in 2012 when we secured our first international projects with European partners.
Based on comprehensive market feedback and input, we broadened the Sincron solution and transitioned from recruitment software to a Talent Management solution.
This year brought two new beginnings for us: firstly, we entered the North American market with a consistently enhanced solution, and secondly, we expanded from Sincron Talent Management to Sincron HR Software, providing a comprehensive platform for managing various HR processes and areas across the organization.

Key Aspects of the Sincron HR Solution

Since 2007, we have been at the forefront of digitizing HR processes, with over a decade of experience and 100+ implementations in various industries, catering to diverse types of customers and HR areas. Our extensive experience and knowledge of HR processes have been integrated into the current Sincron HR Software platform, which is designed to be flexible, solid, and mature, constantly evolving with market needs and technological advancements.

Initially a recruitment software, we have now evolved into a talent management solution that covers human resource processes across the organization from two perspectives: as an all-in-one HCM platform for managing integrated HR streams, and as a tool that brings HR closer to each employee and manager, addressing the HR needs of the entire organization.

As an HR solutions provider, we offer a comprehensive package that includes HR software, audit of current HR processes, redesign and optimization of these processes, consulting for implementation, user training, and customized developments. Our software's flexibility and our team's capabilities enable customization and configuration as per specific needs, with seamless integration with other existing systems.

Over the years, our adaptability in catering to various industries and types of companies has helped us prepare for deployment in any new context, ensuring our clients can benefit to the fullest from all available functionalities.

Facts and Figures

Our focus lies on utilizing the latest web technologies and integrating the benefits of internet usage into our solution

expanded sourcing and employer branding (social & mobile recruiting, job-boards)

process automation

flexibility in accessing the solution

ensuring data security using SaaS architectures

With our software architecture, interface design knowledge, and software design expertise, we have developed an intuitive and user-friendly HR software solution that has been tested in challenging contexts. This includes managing large-scale candidate databases with over 1,000,000 resumes and 500 users across 40 different geographic locations, all simultaneously serving the same client.

Our Team

With the support of a strong and experienced team, Sincron HR Software has gained extensive knowledge of HR processes and the technologies used in Europe.

The team's interactions with customers and business partners have contributed to their development, with key roles held by individuals who have evolved alongside the product, guaranteeing ongoing innovation and continuity.

While maintaining their flexibility and openness to new challenges, the team has become increasingly mature, competent, and experienced.

New Beginnings

Our Canadian partners joined the team in 2017, bringing valuable insight into the North American HR market, its tools, and clients' perspectives, which facilitated the international expansion of the company.

John Thornburn

John Thornburn, MA is an International business development consultant. John is a certified facilitator and clients include Executives in social, health, and technology companies throughout North America. He holds a Masters’ degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University in change management. His consulting practices have focused on developing organizational systems, guiding community engagement strategies, and strengthening leadership best practices worldwide and within the affiliation of the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities (CARF) International network.
John is the Co-Founder of Sincron HR Technologies Inc., Connekt Resources Inc., and Thornburn Consulting Inc. A serial entrepreneur, John is the President and Founder of Collaborate Delta, a community not-for-profit membership-based governance network, and Founding Director of the Founder Institute: Vancouver Chapter, a global start-up technology accelerator program.

Rick Pasin

Rick is the Co-Founder of Sincron HR Technologies Inc., founding director of the Founder Institute: Vancouver Chapter (a global start-up technology accelerator program), and past president of the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce. Rick spent over 25 years in post-secondary education developing and expanding healthcare, business, tech, and trades programs in British Columbia.

Rick Pasin manages the training of executives, managers, and staff, as well as online resources and technical support for Sincron HR customers in North America.

In collaboration with John Thornburn, he also assists organizations in analyzing their business to identify opportunities for streamlining and automating HR processes.

Mihai Stanca

Combining computer science and history, Mihai has over 15 years of experience as a consultant on HR and business and product development processes in the IT industry.

With a special focus on understanding people's work, Mihai has been part of HR Sincron Romania since the start of the company. He has contributed significantly to the development of the Sincron solution in the all-in-one HR software it became today.

History helps him to understand things from different perspectives and to clarify his own values in life. The passion for technology, people and history makes Mihai a visionary at the product level, anchored however in the Romanian economic realities.

Constantin Moraru

Costin, the technical brain of the Sincron development team, is the magician who dreams about how the product will look like many months before it reaches the laptop of the first customer.

With a Master of Science in Economics, Costin combines technology know-how with HR business understanding, being part of the Sincron team for over five years.

Personally, Costin is passionate about handball, practicing it professionally for many years at a junior level and continuing to play now on a semi-professional level. Sport has left its mark on his professional life, helping him to think strategically and find functional, yet stylish technical solutions. As a team sport, handball prepared Costin also as a manager, regarding the responsibilities for the members of its technical team.

The passion for travel and the world's cultures is a good training to stay open to novelties and to cope with unforeseen situations. As such, Costin responds successfully to the various challenges of developing the Sincron HR platform or implementing it in specific usage contexts.



Sincron HR Software is designed to comply with all federal and provincial/state laws governing the privacy and security of data, ensuring that confidential information is safeguarded and protected at all times.

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