Performance and Goals

Performance and goal management is surely more than a recent buzz-word. The changes in the business context will create more pressure on increasing performance. But as long as you work with people and not robots, you need credibility before you can ask for performance. You need to demonstrate in a transparent manner that you have all the instruments to identify, measure and support it.


Aligning goals

The first step towards easing the performance appraisal process is to align the individual goal of every employee to the organization’s goals, taking into account their cascading by hierarchy and department levels.

It sets forth individual business goals, correlated to the job description, together with the general and department organizational ones. Thus, it ensures transparency in the organization – it helps every employee to know and relate to the general goal of the company. All employees will have clear goals, aligned at department and company level. You start on the right foot, ensuring that the staff appraisal process is credible, transparent and goal.


Automation of feedback collection

It automates the feedback collection process, obtaining answers from all parties involved. Thus you ensure the confidentiality and contribute to increasing the reply rate as well as the honesty of the replies in the feedback process. The staff appraisal software solution allows using various feedback methodologies, including Feedback 360.


Performance management

It maintains, motivates and supports employees in the personal development process. It easily identifies high potential persons (HiPo) – key talents in the organization, using reports particular to the performance management process.


Aligning competences

It sets forth the relevant competencies that you are interested in monitoring, for every position. The Sincron HR Software platform allows you to automatically set the competencies and skills at an individual level. Afterwards, you can monitor their evolution for every employee, based on the activity calendar for performance management. Thus, you increase the employees’ trust in the appraisal process and in its transparency.

Another important aspect at the organization level is the managers’ active involvement I setting and monitoring the goals of their own team members.


Management of the performance appraisal process

A strong obstacle to the regular and more frequent performance of staff appraisals is the fact that this process is highly time-consuming.

By automating part of it, you can manage it easily at the organization level, observing the particular staff appraisal flows and criteria. The process becomes more flexible and easier to monitor at aggregated levels. The top management has an overview and detailed information about the individual, department, team or location. You can feel more often the pulse of your organization, with more accuracy. Such a system supports you in taking better care of people and interacting with them directly, instead of struggling with the actual implementation of the process.

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HR Manager

The results of performance appraisals are a significant part of the personal development plans and of identifying the high potential employees (HiPo). Thus, the HR department ensures to the organization resources for the future, it contributes to motivating employees and it may increase valuable employee retention.




Measuring performance by reference to clear and mutually agreed goals facilitates the alignment of the individual goals of the team members with those of the organization. I have definite goals and competences in a work process that is already set, with all necessary parameters and flows. Basically, the performance management software offers me a complete instrument, where I maintain a constant feedback loop.

HR Manager

HR Manager


The performance management software solution makes it easy and transparent to determine goals. It is important that I get constant feedback from my manager. It helps me increase my performance and get involved in projects but especially it helps me keep my enthusiasm and feel that I am advancing.