Performance and Goals

Managing performance and goals is important to increase productivity, but it requires trust and transparency to show employees that you have the tools to measure and support their performance.


Aligning goals

Simplifying the performance appraisal process begins by aligning each employee's individual goals with the organization's goals, taking into account the hierarchy and department levels.

By setting clear individual and departmental business goals that correlate with job descriptions and overall organizational objectives, transparency and alignment are ensured. This establishes a credible, transparent and goal-oriented staff appraisal process.


Automation of feedback collection

It automates feedback collection and ensures confidentiality, honesty, and increased response rates.

The software offers various feedback methodologies, including Feedback 360.


Performance management

It helps employees in their personal development by providing support and motivation, while also identifying high-potential individuals through specific performance management reports.


Aligning competences

The platform sets competencies for each position, tracks progress and increases employee trust in the transparent appraisal process.

Managers are also involved in setting and monitoring team member goals.


Management of the performance appraisal process

Automating the staff appraisal process saves time and makes it more flexible and easier to monitor at different levels of the organization.

This allows top management to have a clear overview and detailed information about individual, department, team or location performance, leading to better care for employees and more accurate insights into the organization.

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HR Manager

Performance appraisals are key to personal development plans and identifying high-potential employees. This contributes to motivating and retaining valuable employees and secures resources for the organization's future.




Agreeing on clear goals helps align individual and team goals with the organization's goals. The performance management software provides me with a complete tool to manage my goals and competencies in a defined work process, ensuring a constant feedback loop.

HR Manager

HR Manager


The performance management software helps me set and track goals easily, while also providing regular feedback from my manager. This improves my performance, keeps me engaged in projects, and boosts my motivation.