Personnel Management

If you believe that keeping physical records of employees’ papers is outdated, you will appreciate the automation and organization that Sincron offers at every step of the process.


Centralising personnel management activity

The Personnel Management solution serves as a central platform for managing all employee documentation and legal procedures within a company. Sincron allows for this activity to be centralized at either the organization or group level, managing contracts for multiple companies at once.

This provides support to all companies within a group using a single, group-level solution. Specific elements, such as authorized signers and contract templates, can be defined for each company.


Employee e-file and employment contract

The Personnel Management solution provides access to an employee's electronic file with all necessary data, such as personal information, contracts, wage records, diplomas, and leaves.

It also allows you to generate and manage employment contracts, including changes and statutory reports. In case of multiple contracts, you can easily keep track of them and make collective modifications, with automatic document generation to save time.


Electronic library of documents

With our solution, you can now manage electronic copies of your employees' documents, certificates, and diplomas. Easily keep track of documents and certificates issued for each employee, eliminating the need for paper records and ensuring quick access to necessary documents.


Automating personnel management and related processes

Sincron's solutions for Organization Management, Recruitment, Onboarding, Personnel Management, and Training are interconnected and share the same database.

This means that information and documents collected at one stage are automatically available and used later on. For instance, the organizational chart is automatically updated with data from the onboarding sheet and internal organizational structure.

You can also track employee courses and specializations and access their onboarding plans.


Time and attendance

Manage employee vacation time and medical leave, with access to their history and current status. Create an approval flow for registering, managing, and planning vacations and overtime for all employees.

Additionally, manage benefits for each employee.

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HR Manager

With the Personnel Management solution, I can access an employee's electronic file at any time. This gives me all the information related to that person's relationship with the organization, including personal data, contractual information, employee papers (such as diplomas and certifications), leave information, and other details collected during various HR processes such as recruitment, performance assessment, or training sessions.

Additionally, I can view and edit information published in the employee's account on the Employee Portal.




The solution helps me keep track of employee work hours accurately. It sends notifications for the total hours worked by an employee across multiple contracts, and alerts me if there are any deviations, such as exceeding legal limits on accumulated hours.

HR Manager

HR Manager


It's a relief to know exactly where I can find all the information I need to do my job. With the Employee Portal, our an internal communication tool, I can easily access all the information and documents that concern me (such as my employment contract and holiday details). Better organization of all HR documents benefits all of us, including myself and my HR colleagues.