Whether you have one employee or a thousand, payroll is crucial. To simplify this responsibility and ensure accurate calculations, consider using configurable HR software. You can focus on more valuable tasks for your business while the software takes care of the payroll process.


Time keeping features

Sincron HR manages time sheets for both employees and freelancers, customizing working hours for users and enabling reporting directly or via approval flows.

It imports working hours from access card readers and separates them by type of work. It serves as input for wage calculation and allows editing and validation of the timesheet for payroll.


Managing who works and when is crucial for effective time management

It saves time managing employees and working hours by using an internal approval flow that can be customized by the company. It simplifies managing leaves, days off, and overtime.

This information is automatically uploaded to the payroll calculations, including sick leave and contributions to benefit providers based on the contribution history.


Customized configuration of your salary elements

You can customize and configure various aspects of your payroll policy and labor laws, such as benefits, allowances, and bonuses.

You can register both gross and net bonuses and import them for multiple employees simultaneously.

You can also generate customizable reports with various information regarding payroll components and view all payroll components in the software.


Payroll API

Sincron HR's payroll API allows for the seamless integration of HR related data into payroll/accounting applications or systems (i.e. Sage XRP, 300 etc.), enabling automated data transfer and streamlined processes. It empowers businesses with the flexibility and efficiency to adapt to changing payroll needs and regulations.

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HR Manager

A salary calculation application saves time and reduces errors in preparing payroll every month, leading to greater predictability and peace of mind. Integration with other HR software provides better visibility into organizational figures and facilitates decision-making.




I spend less time on payroll inputs and approval flows are clearly defined. With the option to report directly from the payroll software, I can easily check the department's salary costs, overtime, holiday plans, etc. that affect the business result.

HR Manager

HR Manager


I appreciate my company's use of payroll management software because it directly affects me, and dealing with numerous figures and situations can be error-prone without it. The software ensures predictability and timely payouts, and I prefer not to have any surprises related to payroll.