Successfully fill free positions while complying with HIPAA/PIPEDA rules and resolving any related personal data management issues.


Job Postings (Recruitment Projects)

The recruitment process involves initiating recruitment projects and effectively utilizing a pool of candidates.

A unique CV database is used and filtered dynamically using multiple search criteria and keywords. Candidates are allocated to projects, and complex search history can be saved.

The system allows for viewing a candidate's history from the time of application to onboarding, including evaluations and evolution. This history is kept for both valuable and inappropriate candidates, ensuring that recruiters don't waste time re-reading a CV of an unsuitable candidate upon subsequent applications.


Flow of approvals and communication

This system provides a clear and real-time overview of all recruitment demands and needs across the organization.

Approval flows can be defined for different management levels or recruitment phases, triggering specific actions. Automated communication with all parties involved in the project (managers, candidates, etc.) is possible throughout various project phases.

Additionally, integrating with other systems, such as recruitment agencies using the Sincron solution, can further streamline the process.


Managing multiple sources of candidates

Sincron provides easy management of multiple candidate sources, including social recruiting, online career pages, career portals, job boards, and expert forums.

The solution unifies information from these sources and monitors results. The career page can be directly incorporated with the Sincron database, automating the publication of recruitment ads and receiving CVs directly into the candidate database.

With extended sourcing, social recruiting, automation, flexible access, and increased data security, Sincron streamlines recruitment needs faster and more cost-effectively than traditional means.


Advanced reporting

Sincron provides extended reporting possibilities on projects, departments, divisions and at the organization level. Use our standard reports or extract the data in the form you need.


Recruitment in the digital world

Candidate data (resume/CV) uploaded from the career page or Indeed is automatically parsed using advanced artificial intelligence. This ensures the candidate's data is sorted quickly in the correct fields for filtering and analysis.

Share your recruitment ad on the main social media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, professional discussion groups and forums, your own career page, blog or any other platforms. Sincron is integrated with indeed, so publishing recruitment ads are done directly through Sincron.


The aggregate use of recruitment, onboarding and personnel management solutions

When using the recruitment solution along with onboarding and personnel management, all information, tools, and documents of a candidate who accepts a job offer can be automatically accessed by the relevant specialists.

Integration into the organization can then be seamlessly taken from an advanced stage by simply changing the candidate's status. This streamlines the onboarding process, leading to faster integration of new employees and fewer complications for staff management.


Personal data of candidates and complying with HIPAA/PIPEDA rules

The Sincron Recruitment Solution meets HIPAA/PIPEDA standards for collecting, storing, and processing candidates' personal data.

It includes privacy and cookies policies for the Online Career Page and Employee Portal, personal data management for the candidate and employee database, self-service for candidates to check their personal data, and permission to store and process personal data.

The solution also allows for identifying a candidate's path and responding to requests, and ensures that candidate information is unique and can be deleted from the database.

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HR Manager

By using this solution, I save costs on recruitment sources, streamline the entire process, maintain a complete history of all recruitment activities, easily access candidates, utilize tools to foster better relationships, and strengthen my employer brand.




With my system, I can automatically launch recruitment requests, track progress, monitor which positions have been filled, and analyze time-to-hire for different roles. I also receive shortlists, real-time updates, and automated notifications from the HR department.

HR Manager

HR Manager


While job hunting, I easily tracked available positions and dynamic companies, and applied without difficulty through various channels including company career pages, LinkedIn, other social networks, and career sites.