Handle successfully the challenge of filling the free positions. Immediately solve the issues caused by the management of candidates’ personal data and comply with the GDPR rules.


Recruitment project

The recruitment process is based on the initiation of recruitment projects.

For each such project, it effectively uses the pool of candidates. You have a unique CV database that you filter dynamically according to multiple search criteria and keywords, you allocate the candidates on the project, and you can save your complex search history.
View candidates’ history - from the time of receipt of applications, project placement, evolution, evaluation, to onboarding stage. History is kept both for valuable candidates who have been involved in projects before and for whom there are partial assessments and for inappropriate ones. Upon subsequent application, the recruiter will no longer waste time rereading a CV of an inappropriate candidate.


Flows of approvals and communication on the project

Get a clear and real-time image of all demands and needs for recruitment at the level of the entire organization. Define approval flows at different levels of management or statuses for each recruitment phase, which generates specific actions. Automate the communication with all the parties involved in the project (managers, candidate, etc.) in various phases of the project. Discover how a complex integration can help you - for example, with the recruitment agency that can send the short list directly through Sincron (valid for recruiting agencies using the Sincron solution).


The recruiting sources and the career page

In Sincron you easily manage the multiple sources of candidates (from social recruiting, your own online career page, career portals, job boards, expert forums, etc.). The solution ensures the unification of information from these sources and the monitoring of the results.

Incorporate the career page from the company's website directly with the Sincron database - you automate the publication of recruitment ads directly from the application and receive the CVs directly in the candidate database.

Through extended sourcing, social recruiting, automation, access flexibility, increased data security, Sincron helps cover faster and cheaper the recruitment needs than traditional means do.


Advanced reporting

Sincron provides extended reporting possibilities on projects, departments, divisions and at the organization level. Use our standard reports or extract the data in the form you need.


Recruitment process in digital world

Share your recruitment ad on the main social media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, professional discussion groups and forums, your own career page, blog or any other platforms. Sincron has default integrations with eJobs and BestJobs, so publishing recruitment ads and saving apps are done directly through Sincron.


The aggregate use of recruitment, onboarding and personnel management solutions

When the recruitment solution is used along with the onboarding and / or personnel management one, all information, instruments, documents of a candidate having accepted the job offer will be automatically accessed by the specialists who are in charge of the next steps. The process of integration into the organization will be taken from a more advanced stage by simply changing the status of the candidate. The onboarding stage has the chance to achieve its goal - the quick integration of the new employee and the staff management component will have fewer complications.


Personal data of candidates and complying with the GDPR rules

The Sincron Recruitment Solution was adapted to meet all GDPR standards related to the collection, storage and processing of candidates' personal data. You set your privacy policy and cookies policy for the Online Career Page and Employee Portal (internal online communication tool), you have a personal data management tool for your entire database of candidates and employees, you have self-service for candidates in order for them to check their personal data, you ask for and save your permission to store and process the personal data, you can immediately identify a candidate's path and respond to a request, you can delete the candidate from the database with the assurance that the information is unique.

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HR Manager

I get a cost reduction with recruitment sources, save time at the level of the whole process, and have a complete history of all recruitment processes. I get easier to the candidates and I have more tools to keep the “warm” relationship with them. The solution helps me develop the brand of employer.




I use a system that allows me to automatically launch recruitment requests, I can track the level of accomplishment of the recruitment needs, I know what positions have been filled, and how long it took for - which is the time to hire for different positions, I get the short list, real-time updates and automated notifications from the HR department.

HR Manager

HR Manager


During the time I was looking for a job, it was easy for me to track the available positions and to see which companies are dynamic. I have applied without difficulty to the job, with multiple possibilities - through the company's career page, on LinkedIn, other social networks or career sites.