How to save over 150 days of work by optimizing online recruiting

The implementation of the Sincron recruiting software solution for the Dedeman company (DIY)

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The way companies choose to address the challenge of process digitization ranges from ignoring it to becoming a trendsetter. The latest KPMG study addressed to HR has a suggestive title: “The future of HR 2019: In the Know or in the No”.

Going digital is a complex and lasting process. The solution often consists of identifying priorities, making an action plan and ACTING, even with small steps. That’s exactly what our client, Dedeman, did for their recruitment process a few years ago.

Business context: Dedeman owns 18 DIY stores and had ambitious expansion plans when they decided to purchase the Sincron recruitment software solution.

Read in detail about:

1. The goals set to improve the performance of the recruitment process and address sensitive pain points:

  • Manual introduction of resumes into the database
  • Manual update of the information in the resumes

2. The Sincron HR Software solution offered: digitizing the recruitment process and streamlining online processes.

3. The results of the collaboration

BONUS Ideas: The solutions described here provide the basis for a much easier adaptation of an HR department to new privacy (i.e. GDPR) regulations.