SINCRON HR SOFTWARE: An HR Platform for the Social Services Industry

Choosing an HR information system that responds to your company’s needs is a key step, but not enough. Sincron provides free updates to new functionality, continual training, follow up and access to HR professionals so you and your team can focus on meeting your goals. We are continually updating the platform to help organizations reach and show conformance to industry accreditation standards.

Here are some critical pain points we have addressed for the social services industry:


Are you struggling with turnover? Searching for competent staff from a shrinking labour pool of talent? Wasting time flipping through multiple resumes? Don't have funding to be competitive with other industries?

Sincron HR Software allows administrators to recruit, onboard, engage and evaluate potential employees from an internal pool of contractors, volunteers and practicum students. Sincrons internal applicant tracking system (ATS) and hosted career page allows administrators to automate postings to multiple job boards (Indeed, Glassdoor, Careerbuilder etc.).

Administrators can filter ideal candidates by keywords (i.e. credential, experience, competencies etc.) for hiring and referral tracking. Management of this process can occur remotely between the department manager and HR to minimize expenses.

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Paperless Onboarding

Lacking incomplete documentation stemming from the pre-hire process? Is your orientation process weak or superficial? Worried about managing accreditation's or audits? Want to maximize efficiency and have new recruits hit the ground running?

Sincron HR's paperless onboarding process allows HR power users to put in place a block flow process to ensure the pre-hire collection of documents is complete before the employee commences the orientation process and, most importantly, before they start their job (post signing of the contract).

Sincron HR's platform assigns responsibility to managers for the onboarding activities of new employees to ensure a timely placement into their new role. The automation of tasks over time helps ensure a comprehensive orientation. HR administrators can populate their own library of onboarding activities that helps provide a critical bridge between the orientation process and performance management.

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Managing Performance Accountability

Do your supervisors struggle to manage accountability in a constructive way? Are they providing negative feedback and progressive discipline when its too late? Are personnel fearful of annual performance reviews? Does your strategic plan collect dust on a shelf before dusting it off every other year?

Sincron HR Software provides an effective and consistent way for administrators to manage feedback to employees. Personnel can easily access their goals, job descriptions, evaluations, and performance expectations. Managers can create Individual Development Plans (IDP's) to increase and engage staff so they excel in their role.

With Sincron HR's performance management (PM) module you can integrate strategic planning objectives into the performance management goals of key personnel. Create a culture of accountability among supervisors by allowing them to monitor goals and objectives on their dashboard.

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Having issues developing competent staff? Have a scattered inventory of training materials? Concerned with staff completing training in a timely manner?

Sincron HR's Learning Management System (LMS) helps organizations provide consistency in learning management. The digital content library can be configured to meet all regulatory and accreditation training requirements. Reports can be generated to monitor attendance, competency assessments and outcomes of learning.

Sincron's HR platform allows administrators to manage e-learning, classroom learning and training conducted by third party providers. Additionally, courses can be setup on recurring cycles to help mitigate the accidental expiration of credentials.

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Employee Engagement

Looking for ways to connect with your team across a network of locations? Feeling disorganized accessing your own tools, forms, documents, and resources? Struggling to share important news with all personnel?

The Sincron employee portal provides access to up-to-date news and a dashboard to access their goals, training, and links to online resources most frequently used in their job. The Sincron "library" solution provides seamless (one-stop) access to secure documents and digital content relevant to their team.

The employee portal can be firewalled so multiple personnel (e.g.: managers, employees, contractors, volunteers, board members and foster parents) can log in with their unique content that drives engagement specific to their needs.

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Do you fear compliance audits (revenue agencies, licensing bodies, or health and safety regulators)? Struggling to access data to compile funding reports?

Sincron HR Software provides administrators a dashboard for monitoring incomplete activities throughout the system. Select managers can access various HR analytics that focus on demographics and utilization across the key components of the software: Recruitment, personnel, performance, and training.

Personnel files are managed securely and can be made accessible to key stakeholders (i.e: funders, compliance organizations and ministries of government) for paperless reviews.

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Integrated Solutions

Are you tired of the time wasted collecting document for manager approval? Are you frustrated with returning incomplete documents and not meeting deadlines? Are you concerned that an integrated HR-Payroll platform may be constraining to either the HR or Payroll department?

The Sincron solution provides organizations leave management and the option of integrating various software programs (i.e. payroll, case management or electronic health records). Our consultants will meet with you to discuss your individual needs and develop a customized proposal to ensure all of your products are accessible via the Sincron HR portals.

Develop a culture of TRUST by creating a process of checks and balances that strengthen internal and external compliance, generate complex reports, increase personnel accountability, and execute strategic plans throughout the organization.

Sincron HR Software - THE HR platform for social services.

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