Working from Home: Four Helpful Hints

09 April 2020

Covid-19 cases are unfortunately still on the rise, as a result, many of us are choosing to work from home. Furthermore, some of us have no other option than to be at home due to temporary business and school closures.

It’s a big adjustment to start working from home so it’s best to dampen your expectations of yourself. Working from home isn’t something you master in a day. Giving yourself and your family some slack as you find your new “normal” is wise. Change isn’t easy, and everyone is dealing with extra stress because of ​Covid-19.

Create a dedicated workspace

First of all, one of the most important things to do when working from home is setting up your regular workspace. Setting up wherever you feel comfortable and focused will better your at-home work experience. Finding a place to do your best work is important.

For people lucky enough to have a home office with a door they can close, the choice of where to work is easy. For people with little kids at home or who happen to live in small spaces, it may be that the best place to work is the kitchen table, on a couch, or at the coffee table in the living room. Find a place at home somewhere that you can make your own.

Stay (virtually) connected

Secondly, it is important to maintain our social relationship virtually, after all we are social beings! Social distancing and self-isolation take a psychological toll on people. Even die-hard introverts need to be around other people sometimes. Use technology to help you connect with colleagues, family and loved ones. You can kill isolation by switching from emails to calls and calls to video chats. Connecting with people through calls and video chats will help you feel less alone, especially if you live by yourself. Consider trying Netflix Party, virtual gatherings, or interactive live streaming events on Facebook and Youtube.

Find a routine

Third step is to ensure you have a daily routine while working from home! If you don’t work past 5 p.m. when you are in the office, keep 5 p.m. as a hard limit for working from home. If you don’t work earlier than 8 a.m., don’t log into work at 7 a.m. from your bed.

Blocking out time for lunch or mid-day dog walks will help you stay on track.

Help get kids on board with the routine by sitting with them to create a master schedule for the household. Helping create the schedule gives them a sense of control over the situation and increases the chances they will give you the time you need to get work done. Forming good habits early on a helps routines develop naturally.

Stay Organized and Use Your “Found Time” Productively

Finally, make time for things! There are probably tons of projects around the house that have been put off, and now you may have time at home to complete them. Consider dedicating the time you would have spent commuting each day to household projects, such as

  • cleaning and sorting drawers (a great project to do with younger kids)
  • having the family go through closets and sorting out unwanted items to donate
  • working in the yard
  • painting a bedroom
  • organizing family photos (another great one to do with kids)

Making it Work

Most of all, while working from home be patient with yourself and your family. Most people spend months getting into the rhythm of remote work, so it’s not reasonable to expect yourself to slide into your new routine without some growing pains and bumps in the road.