Community Living Ontario (CLO) Conference

24 September 2019

I grew up in Ottawa and, in 1990, completed the Developmental Services Worker program at Algonquin College. Following graduation I started my career working with persons with intellectual, cognitive, and developmental disabilities in the Ottawa area before moving to Vancouver BC where I have now come full circle, 30 years later, returning to my roots in community living. I have returned to share my knowledge and lessons in business management, accreditation, and more specifically Human Resources best practices to a thriving and valuable network in Ontario, Canada.

Throughout my career in the Community Living sector I have worked with children, seniors, and persons with diverse abilities, I see connection but also fragmentation. This is where Sincron HR can help provide ways to connect teams and strengthen communication among outreach workers and other stakeholders. We provide ways for people to communicate with each other as well as share their successes within their programs and organization.

The building blocks of Community Living, I believe, comes from the love that people express for one another. Community Living Ontario (CLO) espouses these values. On September 19th and 20th I had the pleasure of attending a conference as a sponsor to celebrate CLO’s 66th year of community building. The conference focused on supporting persons with disabilities to lead meaningful lives…in community. The supportive work in this sector is built around love, connection, and advocacy.  Let us celebrate the fantastic work of CLO.

Sincron was proud to support the event not just because of my experience within the sector or because I grew up in Ontario, but because we want to support the efficiency of social work by providing CEO’s with the perfect tool to help them recruit and retain qualified social service staff in what is a limited labour market pool in multiple parts of the country. By providing the perfect tool to maintain ongoing learning and competency with a diverse field of social workers across large urban and rural geographies. The perfect tool to ensure performance is meeting contractual expectations. Sincron HR software joined the conference to support the great work your teams do so the industry can implement technology that allows organizations to thrive. We help connect employees to each other so Teams can be as effective as possible while minimizing administrative work. We also help organizations improve their business competence by improving the connections between persons receiving services in Ontario.

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John Thornburn, MA Partner
Vancouver, BC (Canada)
P: +1 (800) 840 6132
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