07 December 2018

Employee Culture: Driving Results through Effective Performance

Featuring Surge HR Solutions founder Rikka Bouseh

Sincron HR Software Power Hour - Driving results
Employee Culture: Driving Results through Effective Performance
During this webinar Rikka covered how to manage your team’s performance by developing and implementing effective performance management programs. Throughout the presentation Rikka discussed why performance management is important, but also explained how to execute both informal and formal feedback channels to help lead your team and drive results. 

She also demonstrated how performance management could: 

• Increase employee engagement 
• Improve productivity 
• Increase retention 

Topic: Employee Culture: Driving Results through Effective Performance featuring Rikka Bouseh (Surge HR Solutions

Host: Sincron HR Software – The premier HR platform for Social Service (CARF, COA), non-profit and education organizations in North America. 

Length: 20 minutes 

Cost: FREE 

Featured Speaker: 

This month we were happy to host CPHR professional and founder of Surge HR Solutions – Rikka Bouseh. With over twelve years of HR experience Rikka Bouseh has managed all aspects of human resources; from legislative compliance, compensation analysis, policy development/implementation, performance management, employment engagement and more.

She works with C Level Executives and their Management teams to ensure her client’s meet their strategic organizational needs. Rikka’s consulting experience has touched many industries including but not limited to, tech, health care, construction, insurance, digital media, non-profit and regulatory bodies. 

HR Power Hour: 

The Sincron HR Power Hour was launched to provide executives in North America free online professional development by HR experts in the field, foster networking opportunities and allow for open discussion on hot topics in HR. 


Sincron HR Software helps companies centrally manage their HR processes: organization management, recruiting, onboarding, personnel management, performance and goals, training and internal communication. A unique platform means HR process optimization, accurate and up-to-date employee information, high responsiveness, easy communication, informed decision making and efficient use of company resources. 

Sincron HR Software connects everyone in the company, offering access to information not only to specialists in Human Resources, but also to all managers, employees, contractors and volunteers. Serving a wide variety of organizations – from 60 to 16,000 employees, Sincron HR Software includes among its clients Renault, Miele, Ecovis, Pathway Community Services and Family Builders. 

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