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15 Aprilie 2019
[HR Director] How to respond efficiently to the problems of your HR specialists
Find out punctual solutions to the HR problems related to the recruitment, retention, salaries and...
23 Februarie 2019
7 methods for attracting the most qualified candidates
Are you looking for the most talented candidates? In order to achieve this objective, smart...
06 Ianuarie 2019
Top 7 Trends Marking the HR Industry in 2019
Trends in HR industry in 2019: the impact of technology, using HR software for organization...
18 Decembrie 2018
Sincron HR Software: Happy Holidays!
Some important HR information for the holidays and for 2019
16 Decembrie 2018
Manage Employee Performance with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
KPIs can be vital to an organizations success and employee engagement levels.
07 Decembrie 2018
Employee Culture: Driving Results through Effective Performance
15 Noiembrie 2018
Sincron HR Software: An HR platform for the social services industry
Learn how the Sincron team has addressed some key pain points in the social services industry.
15 Octombrie 2018
HR Power Hour – Free Webinar Series
A free professional development webinar series hosted by Sincron HR Software featuring HR...