Sincron Social Responsibility

07 June 2020

At Sincron HR Software we recognize the Social responsibility we have towards our investors and consumers who seek investments that are not just profitable but also contribute to the welfare of society and the environment.  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR ) is to maximize shareholder value while providing benefits to the society.

Who Are We?

Sincron HR is in the business of caring for  human resources, social capital of volunteers, essential workers, and board governors. Our mission is to provide social service organizations with tools to help decrease fragmentation, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of HR operations, as well the stress of regulatory issues. Social service organizations that we help are a broad cornucopia of community, health, education, faith, and overall social impact organizations.

Our Support

We are your software partners. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) value is to hold your hand through every step of the change management process. This goes along with the fear, hope, and implementation of tools in a lean funding environment. This is why our CSR goal is to bring as much added value as possible to help organizations transition to paperless HR.


We are regulatory and accreditation experts! Whether it be employment standards, union collective agreement complexity, Worker health and safety, and CARF accreditation. Therefore, when you partner with us, you are receiving deep subject matter expertise to help you align your policies and procedures with international best practice. All clients receive free consulting services to help you streamline some of these related areas.


Furthermore, staff, volunteer, and student training and development is critical for the short term on-boarding, and long term retention of competent staff. We are education experts and we give back by helping organizations design and onboard complex competency. This is based on leadership and staff development systems through an enhanced Learning Management System (LMS). We help the social services networks enhance their learning and thinking for industry education.

Change Management

As experts in change management we help you develop the best strategy for supporting your team to make change. Through our exclusive project management approach, we guide you through the steps to configure, train, implement, and optimize the use of our tools. Even after you are fully on-boarding we check in monthly to collect feedback, update the tools, and ensure your key administrators are competent in fully utilizing these tools.

More importantly, we help CEO’s implement strategic change. While our tools are not free, we minimize risk and enhance our services to you with many other free elements that cannot be bought. Subject matter expertise in all of these areas important to social servants is provided to you as part of our corporate social responsible investment with you, our partner.

Check out our currently free Work From Home Software for Social Services Sector.