Discover Sincron HR Work from Home Edition

21 April 2020

Working from home has some definite upsides. However, working from home can create a multitude of problems for the Social Services sector. During this time, a variety of changes are expected including setting up workstations at home. This includes submitting reports, timesheets, internal/external communication, interacting with clients, and setting up remote meetings. These new circumstances ask for new measures, processes, and resources. The Sincron HR Software Work from Home package is a free tool dedicated to the Social Services sector to help organizations resolve their HR problems during the pandemic.

The Online HR Software Package for Remote Work

Sincron HR has analyzed the specific needs of the new remote work context and found ways to help Social Services Sector complete HR processes while working from home.

How does Sincron HR Work from Home edition help you?

  • Allows HR personnel, employees, and managers, to connect on human resources issues, regardless of their physical location
  • Meets team needs with a mixture of cloud-based HR functionalities, accessible from anywhere via the Internet
  • Includes innovative self-service functions, dashboards that track team availability
  • Offers a dedicated space for publishing materials such as articles, news, announcements, or libraries of procedures
  • Basic scheduling and timesheets (coming April 2020)

Free Trial

In light of the current challenges faced by businesses due to Covid-19, we are offering free use of the  Sincron HR Work from Home edition  for social service sector. This offer is only valid until the end of the pandemic. Once the pandemic ends, organizations need only pay a small monthly fee ($1/month per employee with a $30 minimum/month) to cover the cost of maintaining the software and server.

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