Technology: Fear of Change

22 July 2020

Technology, fear and change are not new words. But why do some people, or organizations, struggle to adapt to technological advancements? This article will try to break down some core considerations for CEOs and HR professionals alike.

Psychology of a person 

Humans adapt in different ways, at a different pace, and amongst a myriad of variables. These are influenced by generational differences, cultural upbringing, and other life experiences. Sincron consultants recognize that user adoption rates to new technology are influenced by these variables. We also recognize that the psyche of social services professionals is to provide as much direct time with clients as possible; efficiency to administrative tasks can help increase this direct service delivery time. 

 Culture of organizations 

Organizations move at a pace. This pace is set by many variables over time, yet the capacity for organizational change can often be metered by the culture of its team. Are decisions made by consensus? Is feedback collected and shared with new employees? Is the board involved operationally? Some may say the old ways are the best as social services organizations often face issues with complacency due to insufficient resources. Sincron HR can help solve this problem. Consultants at Sincron help organizations engage in planning and analyzing these topics and support change management with onboarding technology. 

Executive Leadership 

Executive, CEO, or board vision can be driven by innovation, sectoral requirements, or funding parameters. But ultimately the CEO with their designated authority is responsible for setting a plan to execute. We provide significant support to CEOs to take part of the burden off their shoulders. When implementing new technology, our integrated approach assesses risk, defines a plan to reach CEO expectations, and delivers in a way that reduces the stress of change. 

Consulting Support 

The experience of onboarding technology is daunting in the best of situations. Most likely, internal staff or active external consultants do not have the tools and skills to properly set up a systems approach for onboarding technology. This is where Sincron HR helps you. Our subject matter HR and Tech consultants are actively working with Social Services Sector clients both in providing traditional HR consulting services (i.e.: policies, HR restructuring) but also can onboard technology that FITS your organizational goals. Our 1:1 support means we are here to help with the challenges of onboarding new systems for success. 

Consider us your HR Specialists. Technology and Sincron HR software come into play when your systems are organized. We can help you do both. Technology and change can be good things. Let us take the stress out of the process. Customer Support is our Mission.