2022 – Looking Forward & Being Thankful

16 December 2021

This pandemic year has had its share of divisive issues so it’s important to remember what binds us together. We sometimes get sidetracked thinking about what we don’t have (compared to others) or thinking what could have been different if only…

Think Different!

The best solution is surrounding yourself with a group of people who share a can-do attitude and share common goals and beliefs aligned with a vision/mission statement. Here at Sincron HR, we focus on finding solutions to everyday problems experienced by key stakeholders in our clients’ organizations. While the stress of deadlines, budgets, setbacks can sometimes feel daunting we always end the year knowing that the new processes, new user interface, or new functionality have helped reduce stakeholder stress, save them money, and/or save them time. The holy grail is when all three elements are realized.

Find solutions

Looking back we were able to integrate critical feedback from multiple clients of various sizes to streamline the evaluation process, complete a more complex API integration with both Indeed.com and Sage Payroll/Accounting, and integrate digitized employee contracts and complex union rules within various elements of the platform (i..e leave management, scheduling). The team even launched a new succession planning mode to help HR teams prep for change and completed major prep work for automating more reports to key funders (various levels of government and accreditation bodies).

None of that is possible without patience, perseverance, and a common vision.

Remember what it’s all about!

So a BIG THANK YOU to the team – our staff and clients (on both continents) – for all your hard work in 2021. Your efforts continue to make a positive impact in our local communities.

2022 here we come!