7 methods for attracting the most qualified candidates

23 February 2019

Are you looking for the most talented candidates? In order to achieve this objective, smart companies start to develop relationships with candidates showing potential long before they need them. An efficient way of ensuring the success of your recruiting campaign is to use dedicated software tools and apply measures such as those presented below.

Take advantage of employee networking

When you are looking for a talented candidate for a new position opened in the company, don’t hesitate to spread the news amongst your employees so that each of them looks for and recommends people with superior potential. Encourage your employees to also share the vacant position on their personal Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter accounts, etc., wherever you think or know that your potential candidates can be found. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the networks that your employees have formed both online and offline – during conferences and events, so recommend that they keep the business cards that they receive.

Find out where qualified candidates can be found

Researching the target audience helps you increase the odds of reaching the quality employees that you want to attract during a recruiting campaign. Identify the information sources that they use and what they need to read, create a list of niche publications, of groups that they have joined on social media, forums that they are active on. All the information that you collect can be used to develop creative messages, that will ensure that your recruiting ad attracts the right persons.

Build your employer brand and become a sought-after employer

Branding is not just about your products, it’s also a very important part of your recruiting strategy. Build a brand as an authentic, positive employer, with elements of identity that can be found both on the career page and on other channels, as well as in the direct interaction with your employees. Your brand needs to be reflected in the description of the job for which you want to attract qualified candidates. Boring ads that are full of clichés will be ignored by the most valuable candidates. You need to prove to them that joining your team is the best decision that a candidate can make. Think of all the reasons that could convince a candidate to sign on with you and communicate the benefits that working for your company entails as clearly as possible.

Use more recruiting channels

You probably already have 3-4 recruiting channels that you use constantly, the most important of which is your career page. But don’t just stick to the same channels, especially when there are so many online promotion options that help you raise awareness of the vacant positions and that will attract new candidates. There are tools that help you distribute vacant positions within your company from the dedicated HR software directly to your social media accounts. The advantage that such a tool offers is that you can automate the tracking process and message posting in a user-friendly way.

Create a first experience that is as pleasant as possible

This is about how the candidate applies for your company’s vacant position. Since the candidate’s experience starts when he applies, you need to build trust from the get-go. If the process is too complicated, repetitive and time-consuming, you risk losing the best candidates. Nowadays, most candidates search for jobs on mobile devices, so it’s important to have an HR software solution that provides the mobile-friendly tools that are necessary to add the most appropriate persons to your database.

Eliminate manual applicant filtering

Manually filtering each application is a task that consumes a lot of resources – time, as well as money – uselessly. Considering the requirements that potential candidates need to fulfil, you end up eliminating more than half of the applicants through filtering. This is a process that should be automated in order to help you quickly filter applications so that you can allocate more time to recruiting the best candidates for the job.

Establish a connection with the best candidates

Regardless of whether you hire them or not, it’s important to establish a connection with the candidates who showed the most potential. You’ll create a good impression and, even if they’re not a good fit for the current position, they’ll be on a list of potential candidates for future jobs. Even if you refuse candidates, don’t refuse them through a cold, standard e-mail. Allocate time to explain why they did not go through to the following stages and inform them that you will contact them when new positions are available.

There’s an infinity of recruiting ideas out there, just like there’s an infinity of challenges that you’ll face in the course of this important process. It’s very important to minimize the resources dedicated to the manual performance of tasks in the course of the recruiting process and to use automated solutions to increase the time invested by your HR specialists in tasks that require abilities that cannot be replaced by any software.

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