Where did all the GOOD hiring candidates go?

16 November 2021

Have you recently received an urgent message from an executive or manager that an employee has quit and, already short-staffed, they need somebody by Monday?

You’re not alone! In September alone 4.4 million Americans left their jobs. Unemployment rates are currently low across Canada and the USA. Organizations are facing 30%+ turnover rates.

Why are they leaving?

We have all heard the same reasons: Low wages, going back to school, seeking a better challenge, moving etc. But is there something else afoot? Are people passing judgement on your organization and deciding there are greener pastures elsewhere?

More importantly, are your organization’s values aligned with those of your employees? Are employees proud of who they work for or is this just a stepping-stone before moving on to something better? Are you selecting and onboarding the right employees?

Tools at your disposal!

The good news is not all is lost. Living in the information age you have a number of tools at your disposal:

Who has the time?

Perhaps this is the crux of the problem. Your HR departments is already stretched thin just trying to find new employees and off-board current ones. Rinse and repeat. You want to focus on strategic HR and be more proactive if your team only had more time. That’s where creative solutions can be found if you change the equation and think like an entrepreneur.

Think Different

You probably have heard of this old Apple slogan, but what if you thought like an entrepreneur to scale a business: “Use other people’s money and other people’s time?”

Some strategies”:

  • No budget to hire more staff? Recruit volunteers, or co-op/practicum students
  • No time to track credentials or conduct performance reviews? Find a free, or low-cost HRIS, with HR support
  • Join an HR association or HR forum (LinkedIn has many!) to bounce ideas/challenges off seasoned professionals. Most are quick to respond.


Government Sponsored Recruitment and Onboarding Workshop (Just $25 for 3 online sessions). The Federation of Community Social Services of BC will be hosting a Sincron HR online workshop focused on recruitment and onboarding that starts November 30, 2021.

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Sincron HR has developed a variety of tools to help organizations. During the pandemic, Sincron HR rolled out its newest version of the platform – Sincron HR Essentials –  designed to help organizations with accreditation (i.e. CARF) conformance,  24/7 support, and currently offered at only $1/user per month.

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