JANUARY 24: HR Power Hour Webinar

19 January 2019

Risk Management: Youth Exploitation and Human Trafficking Webinar for Social Service agencies

Sincron HR Software Power Hour Webinar - Human Trafficking, Sexual Assault and Youth Exploitation

Human trafficking, a great shame to humanity, is the third most rapidly growing criminal industry involving many parts of the world. This forced exploitation of humans includes slavery, child labour and sexual exploitation. According to Psychology Today, 200,000 women are forcibly involved in sex trafficking in the United States. In Atlanta, CNN found people involved in this criminal business earning around $35,000 a week – more than any criminal human activity. 

Why aren’t we identifying human trafficking or youth exploitation with greater success? What are the risk factors for the client groups we serve? Do policy and procedure manuals adequately equip team members to assess internal and external risks? Would staff know what to do if they suspect trafficking? Is human trafficking addressed in safety plans, screenings, treatment plans, discharge summaries, etc.? 

Joy Kelleher will unpack these questions and more as she shares critical insight on how to address human trafficking in the workplace through compliance and risk management. 

Topic: Risk Management: Youth Exploitation and Human Trafficking Webinar for Social Service agencies featuring Joy Kelleher (Carter Brown USA

Host:Sincron HR Software – The premier HR platform for Social Service, non-profit and education organizations in North America. To learn more about how Sincron HR Software is tailoring its platform to help the social service industry please click HERE

Audience: HR professionals and supervisory staff in the Social Services sector 

Date: Thursday, January 24, 2019 

Time: 10 am PST | 11 am MST | 12 pm CST | 1 pm EST 

Length: 60 minutes 

Cost: FREE 

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