Case Study: Social Services organization cuts time spent finding qualified candidates by 66%

16 November 2019

A Sincron HR Software Case Study

Pathway Community Services Ltd. (PCSL), a name synonymous with providing residential support services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, is constantly focused on the recruitment of front line residential workers. The one constant over that period of time has been change.

PCSL decided to start using Sincron to help save their HR Manager time in collecting, filtering, and preparing for interviews. Focused on increasing the speed of receiving new applicants, Sincron HR connected its career page with popular online job boards that PCSL uses in order to draw in candidates resumes and cover letters directly into the Sincron Human Resources Information system (HRIS).

The Challenge

Before implementing Sincron, PCSL was receiving resumes through email and then had the laborious process (3-4 hours) of filtering, printing, stapling, organizing, and flipping through dozens of candidate profiles to identify keywords and thereby validating the value in contacting the candidate for an interview. The HR Manager had multiple responsibilities and the process always felt rushed and disorganized. They needed a better way to streamline the process to identify the ideal candidate for the position while maximizing time spent on this step.

PCSL decided to implement the Sincron HR Information System (HRIS) recruitment module in order to automate certain time-consuming functions in the pre-hire process. They also wanted a search and match process to find the most qualified candidates for a particular project.

The Solution

Although PCSL had tried other recruitment solutions, they needed the time savings due to a high turnover rate in the industry and the assurance that moving from a paper based to paperless system would also improve their efficiency and provide them hopefully with a competitive advantage.

When PCSL looked at how Sincron integrated their career page with online job boards, and the resume parsing capability of its artificial intelligence (AI) engine, they realized automation would help them save time as well as finances from all the copying and printing of documents – an internal inefficiency.

PCSL further recognized that the properly parsed data was accurate, saving them the time of data entry, an unfortunate risk with other software companies. Ultimately, with Sincron’s search and filter capabilities, recruitment campaigns organized efficiently, HR feels in control and organized in tracking potential hires. As an added bonus, PCSL is now 100% compliant with the government’s Employment Standards Act (ESA). The ESA stipulates that all solicitations for application to be hired must be maintained for a minimum of one year, regardless of their status regarding an interview or hire.

Since Sincron has seamless integration with multiple online job boards, and embedded AI based document parsing tool, it was the natural product to purchase.

The Results

“Hiring in our sector is difficult, finding the right candidate takes time. The Sincron HR tools have allowed us to receive applications quickly, import the resume automatically, which saves me and the Office Manager a substantial amount of time”

With the Sincron interface, dashboard, project automation, enhanced integration with online job boards and accurate resume parsing functionality, the HR administrator can now complete the same functions in a third of the time. What took three hours per week now takes one. This equates to roughly 100 hours per year of time savings that can be put towards other activities.

PCSL recruits employees in residential care programs that are competent and have the required credentials and experience required for the field. Sincron organizes data and parses information into a consistent location where normal HR tendencies can now expect consistency and accuracy in where and how the data is stored.

The ability to streamline applications and respond within minutes allows PCSL to be the first choice for new interviews as the response time and mechanisms built within Sincron also allow for scheduling interviews and sending SMS messages within minutes. As technology advances PSCL saw a cost effective solution to their critical need – Hiring.

PCSL has now been using Sincron HR software for three years. Consultants are always available to help them refine their requirements for searching and hiring. HR Manager, Marlene Greenbank, states: “I would recommend Sincron to any social services organization that is struggling with finding and hiring the right candidates in a cost-effective manner. I have many daily tasks and the automation using the tools for recruitment provided by Sincron allows me to be efficient with my time”

Pathway Community Services Ltd.
Industry: Social Services – Residential services to children
Employees: 50-100 employees
Headquarters: Port Moody, BC, Canada
Locations: Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond
HRIS: Sincron HR software
Business Impact:
Candidate filtering time reduced by 66% – from 3 hours to 1 hour per week


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