Values Based Hiring (Part 1)

18 February 2020

One of your “rock star” employees has given notice, and once again you find yourself struggling to fill the position. Filling that position—and filling it fast—is a priority.

Finding Valuable Candidates

There is a real and persistent challenge for social service employers to recruit, develop, and retain the right people. This is to ensure that high quality, person-centred care and support services are maintained. Often management teams will use a “spray-and-pray” approach, posting the position to every job website available, and hoping the right candidates will see it. This tends to result in frustrated managers, lowered staff morale, and an over-abundance of lackluster resumes.

Recruitment is complex problem, but you have options beyond the “spray and pray” approach.

Values-Based Hiring

What is values-based hiring? Simply put, values-based hiring involves attracting the right people, with the right values, behaviours, and attitudes.

While traditional hiring practices focus on a combination of formal education and work experience, values-based hiring involves finding staff with

  • Right attitudes, behaviours and perspectives on life and work, and
  • Willingness to grow and learn

Key to values-based hiring is the idea that skills can be taught but personal characteristics (such as kindness, compassion, reliability, honesty, etc.) cannot be. Furthermore, values-based hiring suggests that life experience is often more relevant than previous work experience.


Build a Better Workforce with Sincron HR

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