Using Social Media for Recruitment: Best Practices

08 February 2021

A key part of recruitment is understanding where your potential candidates go to find jobs and engage in professional networking. You need to ensure that you are populating the right channels with information on your company and jobs to catch the attention of job seekers.

With so many social platforms available, it can be tempting to take a blanket approach and try to cover everything from LinkedIn to Instagram. However, your recruitment efforts will be much more effective if they are well-targeted based on the specific roles you are trying to fill.

Target the correct platforms

Where you choose to post your job should be determined by where you’re most likely to find your ideal candidate. If you’re looking for a sales professional, LinkedIn can be an excellent source of candidates. However, if you’re looking for a graphic designer or another type of creative professional, you may have better luck using Instagram.

Once you have decided on your platforms, you will also need to customize your approach. If you’re using LinkedIn, you may want to consider joining specific groups whereas, on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram you’ll want to use hashtags to bring attention to your message.

Invest in your social presence

Yes, your number one goal is to find great candidates for your open positions, but you should also use your social channels to build awareness and engagement. Social media presents a great opportunity for you to engage in groups and conversations that can catch the attention of passive job seekers. Using your platforms to provide helpful resources, answer questions, and share relevant news will make sure you’re top of mind with all of the talented individuals that are a part of the same channels and groups. An active social media presence can cultivate a pool of talent to draw upon and can also be an excellent source of candidate referrals.

Measure your success

If you’re investing time in your social presence as a recruitment tool, you’ll want to know whether you’re getting a return. There are some basic KPIs that you can use to measure the effectiveness of your social media recruitment:

1) Traffic to your careers page or job application pages: How many people are finding their way to your careers page or job postings from your social media account? You want to reach people who are interested in learning more about your company and applying to your jobs. Understanding which social channels are driving this traffic lets you focus on the ones that are most effective.

2) Number of conversions: How many people are responding to your social posts about jobs and clicking through to complete applications? This number can tell you which channels are most effective at reaching job seekers who are actively in the market for new roles.

3) Amount of engagement: Keep track of how many likes, comments, and shares you’re seeing in response to your posts. With these metrics, you can see what type of posts are most interesting to your audience. You may find that your network loves to engage with posts about industry news, but that posts about jobs are falling flat.

An effective social media recruitment strategy starts with an understanding of your target candidate profile and your social channels. It’s important to always create a plan that is tailored to your target candidates, be an active participant on your chosen platforms, and measure success.

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