Free HR Tool: Work From Home Edition for Social Services

14 May 2020

Covid-19 has affected all of us. Organizations like yours have been busy adjusting policies and procedures for employees to work from home. We can help! Have you heard of our new Work From Home Software?


Work From Home Software is a FREE HR tool for the social service sector during the Pandemic.  Engaging your team while maintaining social distancing can be difficult. In addition,  many employees may not even have access to the resources and supports needed to effectively complete their job duties. As a result,  many employers freeze into inaction. Ultimately technology can help and the fear of change can be managed.

Technology is moving faster than ever and the bombardment of solutions can be confusing. Therefore,  Sincron HR  used change management experts that know the Social Service sector, including members of the Federation of Community Social Services of BC.  Do you want to improve efficiency, keep employees safe, and ultimately change the way you do business? We can help you.

Let us break this down into core issues being faced by the Social Services sector.


Are you stuck at home knowing that the file cabinet in the office has everything you need?  Sincron HR provides you with a digital e-file solution.  In this HR software, your entire workforce records are securely managed with access to key users.  The tools also help to manage expiry of credentials and recurring licenses and/or trainings. CARF accredited? No problem! The tools meet the CARF standards for notifications to staff, managers, and administrators to prevent expiry. One current customer stated that “physical connection to staff and ability to send/receive paper documents for processing” and that specifically for social services organizations, Sincron’s Free Work from Home solution provides a “reduction in time needed to process and file paper requests, ease of access to work schedules across the organization” (Nanaimo, BC).


Emails, emails, emails. We never seem to be able to keep up! Email gets cluttered and is hard to manage the external and internal worlds of communication. Sincron HR provides a key intranet site that allows all staff, contractors, volunteers, and even non-profit Board directors to receive streamlined and curated content critical to their duties and responsibilities. According to a Nanaimo based social services agency, the Sincron tools provide an “opportunity for multiple leadership roles to access staff requests and respond instantly”. Work from Home provides pre-prepared information on Covid-19 resources to help all of your staff and related teams to keep informed.


Where are your staff? What are they doing? How can you sitting at home in lockdown help and direct your workforce to be productive? Sincron HR provides you a scalable solution for managing simple projects, schedules, and the collection of time sheets, for Time worked. The Work at Home edition gets you started so you do not lose this key data at a critical time. Stop chasing cats! A current Sincron residential services provider uses Sincron to “track staff who are getting training at all houses so they can go anywhere”. The scheduling tools provides them “the ability to track the reason for absence (i.e.: sick leave, Covid-19 isolation, employee injury, vacation etc.)” (Port Moody, BC). We can even support the transition through our paid version to move this data right into your accounting software. As us how!


Is your organization growing? Are you being asked to deliver more services but you have a tiny administrative department? Sincron HR can eliminate the need of hiring a second full time HR administrator. “Due to employees being diagnosed with Covid-19, or choosing to self-isolate, or take time off due to ‘perceived’ risk factors, such as physical symptoms or factors related to the work environment such as ‘exposure’” Sincron HR allows Pathway Community Services, a BC social Services agency to manage administrative leaves. Ultimately, the value of technology automation, machine learning and speed are at your fingertips. Using Sincron Work from Home can save your organizations thousands of dollars per month by using the advanced dashboards to monitor your team productivity, communication across projects, and collect timesheet data to efficiently pay your staff on time.


All of this is available to you and your team for FREE during this pandemic. After the pandemic is over we have a nominal $1 fee per user/month to keep you connected and moving forward to develop Big Business efficiency at a Small Business price.  All under one HR Platform!